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Trained By Jp Performance Isolate 2kg


Elite Supps Presents Trained By Jp Performance Isolate 2kg!

Trained By JP Performance Isolate is a tri protein blend consisting of Hydro Isolate, Isolate, and concentrate proteins. The breakdown of proteins in our blend is 40 percent hydro isolate, 40 percent isolate, and 20 percent concentrate. They have combined these three forms of protein to provide the most efficient absorption while keeping lactose levels low and avoiding any gastric distress. The Performance Isolate offers an 80% protein content, along with lower carb and fat macros, while still delivering the same incredible flavor as our Performance Protein.

Who is Performance Isolate for? It is ideal for those who are willing to invest a little more money in an isolate to ensure optimal digestion. While the Performance Protein works well for most consumers, those who compete or are striving for that extra edge in performance and results will want to further optimize their protein intake with Performance Isolate.

At Trained By JP, they have used cross flow micro filtration to ensure their Performance Isolate is anabolic and hormone-free, sourced from grass-fed cows, and of high quality. 

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