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Grenade Carb Killa Bar Oreo


Elite Supplements Oreo Grenade Carb Killa Bar! Flavours available ; Original and White Chocolate! Grenade Oreo bar! The nation’s favourite high protein, low sugar Protein bar, now with the unmistakable great taste of OREO, the #1 cookie brand in the world! Boasting 21g protein, just...

Protein Bar Bundle (Mix & Match 10 Bars For £25)


Struggling to pick between all the protein bars we have at Elite Supplements? Enjoy this 10 for £25 deal, where u can mix and match between your favourite protein bars and experience a wide range of amazing flavours!

Grenade - Carb Killa Protein Bar - (Various Flavours)


 Say hello to the iconic Carb Killa® bar. This triple-layered, chocolate-coated protein bar is high in protein and low in sugar, offering ultimate guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for a post-workout pick me up, a mid-day treat or an on the go snack,...

M&M's - Hi-Protein Bar - (Various Flavours)


Elite Supplements presents M&M's Hi Protein Bars! M&M's Hi-Protein Bars are a great edition to your everyday gym lifestyle, with only 192 calories per bar and over 15 grams of protein. You will feel like you're having a treat with...

Mars Protein Bar


Elite Supplements presents Mars Protein Bars! Mars have created a bar that not only tastes amazing, but has up to 22g of protein. Protein is essential for any bodybuilder or athlete looking to build muscle so finding a protein bar...

Barebells Soft Protein Bar


Elite Supps Presents Barebells Soft Protein Bars! Available in boxes of 12 or single bars! Barebells soft protein bars come in two delectable flavors: Caramel Choco and Salted Peanut Caramel. Each variant contains 16 grams of protein and is free...

Barebells Protein Bar


Elite Supps Presents Barebells Protein Bars! Say goodbye to cardboard-tasting bars! Indulge in the amazing Barebells Protein Bars, which are reminiscent of the most decadent desserts. Stay fit while satisfying your cravings with a range of delicious flavours!  Barebells Protein...

Snickers Protein Bar


Elite Supplements presents Snickers Hi-Protein Bar! Snickers Hi-Protein Bar is a great way to enjoy your protein intake, it is packed with 22g of protein and offers a sensational taste. The Snickers Hi-Protein bar contains just 242 calories and is...

Mountain Joes Protein Flapjack


Elite Supps Presents Mountain Joes Protein Flapjack! Available in both boxes of 16x60g and single bars. Experience a variety of protein flapjacks from Mountain Joe's that will truly delight your taste buds. Available in four delectable flavours including Caramel Fudge,...

Applied Nutrition Swirl Duo Bar


Elite Supplements Presents Applied Nutrition's Swirl bar duo! Applied have created a succulent triple layer texture with soft caramel, crunchy base and Belgian chocolate topping, 20g Protein, Low in Sugar & High in Fibre. An easy on the go protein...

Quest Protein Bar


Elite Supps Presents Quest Protein Bars! You would likely indulge in candy all day if it wouldn't lead to weight gain? You strive to both feel good and look great. You've worked hard, and it's crucial not to undo progress...

Milky Way Hi-Protein Bar


Elite Supplements presents Milky Way Hi-Protein Bar! Try a protein bar out of this world, Milky Way have created an amazing light wrapped bar filled with 15g of protein and only 192 calories. The convenience of a protein bar is...

Mars Protein Cookie


Elite Supps Presents Mars Protein Cookie! Mars Hi Protein Chocolate Caramel Cookie has been baked with milk chocolate chips and caramel fudge pieces. Each cookie contains 15g protein and 233 calories. The Perfect on the go snack that feels like...

Snickers Protein Cookie


Elite Supps Presents Snickers Protein Cookie! Snickers have now created an amazing protein cookie! Enjoy 15g of protein in a delicious cookie. Indulge with a cheat treat that's only 233 calories per cookie!  Perfect on the go snack you can...

Applied Nutrition Critical Oats 600g


Elite Supps Presents Applied Nutrition Critical Oats 600g! Introducing Critical Oats Protein Porridge - the perfect choice for a convenient breakfast or anytime snack. Crafted with Organic Wholegrain Oats, premium ISO-XP Whey Protein Isolate, and MCT Powder, this powerhouse blend...

Applied Nutrition Crunch Bar


Elite Supplements Presents Applied Nutrition's Crunch Bar! Applied have created this Protein Crunch bar to be a perfect on-the-go refuelling snack, it tastes fantastic and delivers 21g of Protein and only 1.8g of sugar per bar. It is available in...

Snickers Hi-Protein Brownie


Elite Supplements presents Snickers Hi-Protein Brownie! This beautiful tasting brownie bar is packed with 15g of protein and just 211 calories. Snickers Hi-Protein Brownie is the perfect on the go snack, giving you that 'cheat day' satisfaction without the guilt....

Quest Cookie Quest Cookie

Quest Cookie


Elite Supps Presents Quest Cookies 12x59g! Quest produces not only the well-known and popular bars, they also produce protein cookies, pack with 12 biscuits of 59 g each, individually packaged. Enjoy a soft and chewy cookie, packed with 15g of...

CNP Sweet Nothings 400ml CNP Sweet Nothings 400ml

CNP Sweet Nothings 400ml


Elite Supps Presents CNP Sweet Nothings 400ml! Craving something sweet but trying to stay healthy? With Sweet Nothings Syrup, you can enjoy the sweetness without the calorie guilt! Zero Calories, Infinite Flavor: Enjoy the delicious taste you love without any...

Mountain Joes - Millionaire Bar - (Various Flavours)


A mixed variety box containing 10 bars of Mountain Joes favourites old and new. Variety box includes the following bars; Caramel Brownie, White Chocolate Blondie, Peanut Brownie, Choc Caramel Millionaire, White Choc Caramel, White Choc Raspberry Millionaire, Carrot Cake & Birthday Cake Bars. HIGH SOURCE...