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Protein Bar Bundle (Mix & Match 10 Bars For £25)


Struggling to pick between all the protein bars we have at Elite Supplements? Enjoy this 10 for £25 deal, where u can mix and match between your favourite protein bars and experience a wide range of amazing flavours!

Mars Protein Bar


Elite Supplements presents Mars Protein Bars! Mars have created a bar that not only tastes amazing, but has up to 22g of protein. Protein is essential for any bodybuilder or athlete looking to build muscle so finding a protein bar...

Mars Protein Cookie


Elite Supps Presents Mars Protein Cookie! Mars Hi Protein Chocolate Caramel Cookie has been baked with milk chocolate chips and caramel fudge pieces. Each cookie contains 15g protein and 233 calories. The Perfect on the go snack that feels like...

Mars Hi Protein Low Sugar Bar


Elite Supps Presents Mars Hi Protein Low Sugar Bar! Introducing the BRAND NEW Mars Hi Protein Low Sugar Raspberry Smash flavour bar! Featuring a light and fluffy raspberry flavoured pink nougat, and a creamy layer of caramel, the latest addition...