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Trained By JP Performance Fuel Intra Workout 1kg


Elite Supps Presents Trained By JP Performance Fuel Intra Workout 1kg!

The Pina Colada variant is exclusively flavored with Stevia.

Our Performance Fuel is best consumed during intense training sessions to enhance performance. Mixing 1-2 servings in 1 liter of water not only improves the training experience but also assists in post-workout recovery, leading to greater overall progress.

We prioritize the protection of digestion in our Performance Fuel. Unlike carbohydrate powders that utilize maltodextrin or dextrose, which can cause gastric distress and bloating for many individuals, we have formulated our product with low molecular weight cyclic dextrin. This ensures optimal digestion. Additionally, we have integrated Aquamin, a pharmacy grade electrolyte, to support optimal hydration.

The Pina Colada flavor is sweetened with Stevia. This choice is beneficial for those who may experience issues with sucralose, allowing them to protect their gut health by avoiding any potential aggravation.


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