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Chemical Warfare Vitargo 1.08kg


Elite Supps Presents Chemical Warfare Vitargo 1.08kg!

As a patented carbohydrate, Vitargo serves as an exceptional energy source that effectively fuels the body throughout all stages of a workout, from pre to during and post-workout. By incorporating Vitargo into your fitness routine, you can experience a consistent flow of energy that boosts performance and delivers optimal results.

Quench your thirst with the delightful sweetness of watermelon or indulge in the tangy bliss of orange and passion fruit. Crafted with natural flavorings, these drinks not only taste delicious but also promote a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for hot summer days or as a post-workout refresher, these natural flavors are guaranteed to satiate your cravings while keeping you hydrated. Don't miss the opportunity to try them today and discover the distinct taste of real natural flavors!

Trust the independent research studies conducted by university-based experts and renowned scientists, both nationally and internationally, who have extensively studied Vitargo. These studies have demonstrated that Vitargo outperforms other body fuels, providing unparalleled performance enhancement before, during, and after exercise. In fact, Vitargo enables same-day fuel recovery that is 70% faster within just one hour, replenishing 77% more glycogen within two hours compared to maltodextrin plus sugars!

Furthermore, studies have shown that sports drinks containing Vitargo result in up to 23% greater performance, with an average performance improvement of 10% across all subjects when compared to those containing maltodextrin + sugars. Notably, Vitargo also boasts the ability to empty from the stomach 130% faster, or 2.3 times faster, leading to enhanced digestion and absorption.

When it comes to glycogen recovery after intense glycogen-depleting exercise, Vitargo reigns supreme. The rate of glycogen recovery is a remarkable 70% faster within just one hour, and an exceptional 77% greater recovery is achieved within two hours.

Experience the undeniable benefits of Vitargo for yourself and witness the remarkable improvement in performance and recovery. Trust in the scientific evidence and choose Vitargo as your ultimate body fuel.

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