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Trained By JP SuperFood Greens 1kg


Elite Supps Presents Trained By JP SuperFood Greens 1kg!

Trained By JP  have gone the extra mile by creating a single shake that meets your protein, fatty acid, and fiber needs. In addition,  natural bromelain from pineapple has been added for digestion support and extra mushrooms for cognitive benefits. The sweetener that has been use is stevia instead of sucralose to accommodate those who are sensitive. Trained By JP SuperFood Greens is also vegan-friendly.

Trained By JP SuperFood Greens comprise 13 fruits and vegetables, providing 17 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Flaxseed have been added as our fat source, which delivers 1.2g of omega 3 per serving, while chicory root acts as our fiber source to facilitate digestion.

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