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Trained By JP Performance Smooth Edition Protein 2kg


Elite Supps Presents Trained By JP Performance Smooth Edition Protein 2kg!


Introducing Performance Protein, our latest blend that combines whey isolate and whey concentrate. We prioritize the use of high-quality whey proteins, steering clear of inferior and less effective protein sources.

Our primary focus is quality without compromising taste! Enjoy the freedom of choice with our selection of 9 delicious flavors.

Each 2kg Tub or Pouch contains an impressive 66 servings, ensuring long-lasting use and value.

When you need a fast and convenient alternative to whole food meals, whether it's before or after a workout, during travel, or while on the job, we recommend consuming 1 serving of Performance Protein.

For individuals with larger body sizes, meeting daily protein requirements may call for 2 servings. We believe that consuming protein at a rate of 1g per pound of body weight is highly effective.

For instance, if your weight is 140 lbs, distributing your protein intake throughout the day by consuming 140g of protein is the optimal approach for recovery, fat loss, and achieving your desired physique. This can be accomplished by having 4 meals with 30g of protein and 1 meal with 20g.

Research suggests that consuming less than 20g of protein in a single meal has suboptimal effects on muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, we highly recommend consuming a minimum of 20g of protein in each meal.

Serving Instructions:

To prepare your serving, simply mix 30g of Performance Protein with 300-400ml of cold water in your shaker.

Detailed nutrition panels can be found among the accompanying images.

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