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Trained By JP Peak Aminos 570g


Elite Supps Trained By JP Peak Aminos 570g!

Introducing Peak Aminos, our latest EAA formula which replaces our previous product, JPEAA. Our goal was to provide you with a more advanced product that can help you achieve your fitness objectives. Peak Aminos offers a unique blend of hydration formula and mushroom blend from Peak 02, allowing for enhanced recovery.

When it comes to amino intake around your workout, it is similar to having a meal. If you have eaten one hour prior to training, we recommend consuming your Peak Aminos one hour into your session. Just like a solid meal, drink it gradually over a short period of time. This ensures that you maintain the 2-3 hour gap commonly followed in strength and training-based lifestyles.

Additionally, you can supplement your daily amino intake with our other product, 1kg EAA. We guarantee the best price in the UK for this product. If you find a cheaper 1kg EAA on the UK market, we will match or even beat that price.

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