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Trained By JP Osteopro Caps


Elite Supps Presents Trained By JP Osteopro 120 Caps!

The aim with this product is to provide a holistic solution for maintaining optimal bone and joint health.

Each serving of Osteo Pro contains 40 mg of Patented UC2, which has a substantial body of clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness in reducing connective tissue pain.

To further combat inflammation through the 5-Lox pathway, we have incorporated Apres Flex, a patented version of Boswellia.

Ensuring sufficient calcium intake is crucial for athletes, which is why we have included Traacs Patented calcium to facilitate optimal absorption. This not only supports muscular contractions but also promotes healthy bones.

Additionally, the addition of organic boron, at the appropriate dosage, promotes overall joint health and aids in the recovery process.

For the ultimate joint health stack, OsteoPro can be combined with our existing products, Join-In and Cure-Coming!

Understanding the demands of intense training, we have developed this product to prevent joint soreness, enabling you to maximize your recovery and performance.

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