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Trained By JP D3 & K2 Caps


Elite Supps Presents D3 & K2 60 Caps!

Recognizing the significance of high standards, Trained By JP have opted for a patented variation of k2. Whenever feasible, they prioritize the pharmacy-grade variety of a supplement to provide absolutely certain assurance to our users regarding the product they are using and the quality tests involved during manufacturing. This guarantee can only be provided when employing patented raw materials.

Trained By JP have chosen a plant-based form of d3. This ensures that its benefits as a health supplement are not restricted to just a few individuals. Currently, most available d3 supplements on the market come from animal sources, unless specified, unlike this product which is vegan-friendly.

There is no compromise on product quality; in fact, there is an added environmental benefit. D3 is typically obtained from sheep's wool; however, the d3 is derived from plant algae. This process does not involve livestock and, consequently, reduces C02 emissions.

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