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Supplement Needs - Omega 3 - (90 Softgels - 90 Servings)


New higher dosage 550mg EPA & 250mg DHA rather than the previous 330/220

Our Supplement Needs Omega 3 delivers on quality and brings you high EPA and DHA content per soft gel.

Derived from fish oil, not all omega 3 supplements are created equal. The quality of omega 3 varies from brand to brand and the extremely cheap ones are to be avoided as it may seem cheap initially but you are in fact getting very poor value for money. The quality of Omega 3 can be measured through its DHA and EPA content. Some come in as low as 100mg per soft gel which means you would need to consume more than you think to hit a beneficial dose. Our Omega 3 contains 90 soft gels and delvers 550mg of EPA and 250mg of DHA per soft gel

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