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Ninja Mode Pre-Workout 185g


Elite Supplements Presents Ninja Mode Pre-Workout 175g!

What is it?

Ninja Mode isn't just for gaming! Take it before work or study or when you have a long day ahead. It has multiple caffeine pathways for long lasting energy without the crash that can put people off. Ninja mode also includes other stimulants that aid in insane amounts of energy and alertness and motivation.

Ninja have included a generous amount of Nootropics that provide sharp focus, clarity and concentration as well as vitamins for general health. Ninja have clarified, It's not just one Nootropic either. There is also amazing hydration support included, which is very important before an intense workout as your body will lose a lot of water through sweat. Staying hydrated will also help cool down the temperature of your body which is crucial to prevent overheating.

- 350mg Caffeine plus other stimulants..

- 400mg Alpha GPC, 250mg Cognizin and 100mg FocusFactor and other Nootropics!

- Coconut water and B Vitamins for hydration...

- Amazing Flavour 

- Powerful amount of energy

- Sharp focus


* See images for supplement facts*


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