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NaughtyBoy Winter Soldier Menace 400g


Elite Supplements Presents NaughtyBoy Winter Soldier Menace 400g!
Winter Soldier Menace® Powered by VitaCholine® Infinergy® and AstraGin®

Winter Soldier Limited Edition Menace® is a pre-workout that covers all areas. Want to experience amazing pumps, perform in the gym like never before and have the energy and focus to smash your workouts? NaughtyBoy have the answer, with their simple but very synergistic formula this pre-workout hits harder than expected! 

Now available in three delicious flavours including Baja Bomb, Candy Bubblegum and Blood Orange.

Suggested Use;

Mix 1 serving 16g (1 slightly heaped scoop) with 200-250ml of cold water and consume 15-20 minutes before exercise.

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