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NaughtyBoy Hydration 30 Serv


Elite Supps Presents NaughtyBoy Hydration 30 Serv!

Introducing the limited edition NaughtyBoy® Hydration Celia Gabbiani, powered by MitoReds®. This refreshing electrolyte drink is perfect for both exercise and daily hydration, as it is sugar-free and contains zero calories. With an impressive 2400mg of electrolytes per serving, NaughtyBoy® Hydration replenishes your body with essential minerals lost through sweat and daily activities. It also includes performance-enhancing ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate and Taurine, which aid in muscle growth and support brain health and function.

What sets NaughtyBoy® Hydration apart is its unique blend of over 30 super reds and the trademarked ingredient MitoReds®. MitoReds® is enriched with MitoPrime® (L-Ergothioneine), which promotes a healthy inflammatory response, boosts immune system function, and supports cell detoxification. To enjoy NaughtyBoy® Hydration, simply mix one scoop (7g) with 400ml of ice-cold water, adjusting the liquid amount according to your taste preference. Consume during or after exercise, and adjust daily consumption based on your workout frequency, duration, and intensity. Feel free to enjoy NaughtyBoy® Hydration on non-training days as well.

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