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NaughtyBoy Advanced Whey 900g


Elite Supps Presents NaughtyBoy Advanced Whey 900g!

Introducing the NaughtyBoy Advanced Whey 900g (30 Servings), a truly remarkable Whey Protein option. Designed to revolutionize your protein intake, NaughtyBoy Whey Protein provides an impressive 22g of protein per serving, effectively promoting muscle growth. Furthermore, the blend of flavors and textures found in NaughtyBoy Whey is utterly irresistible, leaving you yearning for more. With its low levels of fat and sugar, it's reassuring to know that each serving contains fewer than 115 calories. Moreover, NaughtyBoy Whey Protein is instantised for effortless mixing, making it an incredibly versatile addition to your everyday meals such as Oats, Cream of rice, Smoothies, and even baked goods. Elevate your protein content effortlessly with NaughtyBoy Whey Protein.

Suggested Use

Simply add 1 rounded scoop (30g) to 200-250ml of cold water and shake or blend until the powder is completely dissolved. NaughtyBoy Whey protein is versatile and can be easily added to your oats, smoothies and baked goods to increase the protein content.







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