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Naughty Boy Menace - Stim Pre-Workout - (420g - 30 Servings) - (Various Flavours)


For a well-rounded pre-workout powder that gives you heaps of energy, a great pump and focus you want to try Menace. Featuring some fantastic branded ingredients including Glycersizer, Alphazone and Astragin. Menace offers label transparency with full loaded dosages of ingredients that work!

The panel starts with 4g of pure vegan fermented citrulline and combines it with 2g of GlycerSize glycerol at for muscle pumps.  This  a very good addition to this all-around pre-workout.

Naughty Boy has added a solid gram of tyrosine alongside AlphaZone (alpha-GPC) at 600mg for extreme focus and combined it with the efficacious dose of 3.2g of beta-alanine to help buffer lactic acid and improve your endurance during those last few reps.

The energy part of the formula is where it really packs a punch. You have 300mg of Juglans Regia, 350mg of caffeine, and 150mg of biophytum, which is something we’ve only seen a few other supplements.

This is all helped with AstraGin at 50mg to help with absorption.

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Additional information

Weight .5 kg

Sour Gummy, Candy Watermelon, Cherry cola, Goti Grape, OG Pineapple, Blue Strawberry, Juicy fruit, Apple Power, Mint Mojito

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