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MuscleTech Nitro Tech Ripped Lean Whey Protein 1.8kg (FREE Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Caps)


The new and improved Nitro-Tech® Ripped is a highly specialized lean protein formula that combines high-quality whey with a scientifically tested weight loss ingredient complex, LeanBiome®. This advanced protein formula is essential for those aiming to build lean muscle and achieve a shredded physique.

Each scoop provides 20g of high-quality protein, is high in fiber, low in sugar, and offers an excellent taste. It also includes choline bitartrate to support normal fat metabolism and features L-carnitine L-tartrate and dog rose fruit extract. Nitro-Tech® Ripped is designed to assist in reaching peak physical conditioning.


To obtain the beneficial effects, mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 175 mL of cold water and consume three times daily before meals as part of an energy-restricted diet. Maintain adequate hydration during use. Read the label before use and follow the directions provided.

NUTRITIONALS (Based on Vanilla Bean Flavour)

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