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MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite 3.18kg


MuscleTech® Mass-Tech™ Elite IS the ultimate muscle-building mass gainer designed by MuscleTech® experts. Perfect for anyone struggling to pack on size or smashing through strength plateaus. Packed with high-quality protein, clean calories, carbs, and creatine, it’s your go-to for maximizing performance and seeing real results from your gym efforts.

  • Clean high-quality protein
  • Enhanced with clinically proven creatine
  • Carbs for muscle recovery support
  • Multi-source protein system

How to use: Just mix 5 scoops with 470 mL of water and enjoy once a day – morning, between meals, or post-workout. Want extra calories and protein? Mix with 510 mL of skimmed milk. Stay hydrated. Be sure to read the label and follow all directions for best results.

NUTRITIONALS (Based on Chocolate Fudge Cake)


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