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Mountain Joes Protein Flapjack


Elite Supps Presents Mountain Joes Protein Flapjack!

Available in both boxes of 16x60g and single bars.

Experience a variety of protein flapjacks from Mountain Joe's that will truly delight your taste buds. Available in four delectable flavours including Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Chunk, Golden Syrup, and Strawberry & White Chocolate, these flapjacks are expertly baked to be irresistibly soft. Each bar boasts a generous 15g of premium quality protein, ensuring a satisfying and nourishing experience. What's even better is that they have reduced sugar content, making them a guilt-free indulgence protein snack. Plus, they cater to vegetarians, so everyone can enjoy them. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or simply looking for a delectable treat that aligns with your dietary preferences, Mountain Joe's protein flapjacks provide the perfect combination of flavor and sustenance for your active lifestyle.

Ingredients based on flavour Chocolate Chunk.

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