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InnovaPharm Novatropic 155g


Elite Supps Presents InnovaPharm Novatropic 155g!

Introducing Novatropic - the next level cognitive augmenter designed to enhance mental acuity and cognitive function like never before.

Crafted with an advanced nootropic blend, Novatropic® combines cutting-edge ingredients to support positive mood, intense focus, and cognitive sharpness. Perfect for athletes, professionals, students, or anyone in need of a mental boost, Novatropic effectively combats brain fog, stress, and mental fatigue for immediate and long-term benefits.

Powered by Innovapharm Technology, Novatropic features NovaPept™ peptide-based technology for enhanced absorption and nutrient uptake. Key components like Fibroblast Growth Factors and Lycoris Radiata Extract promote brain development, maintenance, and repair, while ingredients like CDP-Choline and Lycoris Radiata Extract increase dopamine receptor densities, improve memory, and foster a positive mood and calm focus.

Novatropic® is the perfect tool to fuel your mind and enhance mental acuity beyond previously perceived capacity. Whether you're a competitive athlete, a professional preparing for a presentation, a student studying for exams, or simply in need of a mid-day pick-me-up, Novatropic® has got you covered.

Experience the Innovapharm difference with Novatropic - the ultimate cognitive enhancer for those looking to take their mental performance to the next level.

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