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InnovaPharm Novaburn 2.0 STIM Caps


Elite Supps Presents InnovaPharm Novaburn 2.0 STIM 90 Caps!

InnovaPharm NOVABURN 2.0 - STIM

Introducing Novaburn 2.0, featuring a blend of patented ingredients supported by cutting-edge scientific research. This advanced formula takes a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving fast and sustainable fat loss. By supporting healthy blood sugar levels, stimulating AMPK, increasing resting energy expenditure, and targeting stubborn body fat, Novaburn 2.0 also preserves lean muscle mass and enhances overall body composition.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Sinetrol XPUR (900mg): This premium blend of citrus polyphenols derived from Mediterranean citrus fruits ignites your metabolism, promoting efficient fat breakdown and energy expenditure.

  2. Natural Caffeine (300mg): Energize your workouts and elevate your focus with a potent dose of natural caffeine, derived from high-quality sources to enhance alertness and stamina.

  3. InnoSlim (250mg): A revolutionary combination of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus extracts, InnoSlim supports healthy glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, crucial for maintaining balanced energy levels and curbing cravings.

  4. Bitter Orange Extract (100mg): Harnessing the power of synephrine, bitter orange extract stimulates thermogenesis, amplifying calorie burn and enhancing fat oxidation, while also promoting appetite control.

  5. Theobromine (100mg): Derived from cacao beans, theobromine works synergistically with caffeine to enhance mood, energy, and focus, providing sustained vitality throughout your day.

  6. Capsimax (50mg): Formulated with concentrated capsicum extract, Capsimax boosts metabolism by generating heat within the body, facilitating the breakdown of fat stores and supporting long-term weight management.

  7. CaloriBurn GP (40mg): This innovative ingredient activates brown adipose tissue, enhancing calorie expenditure and promoting fat loss, while also supporting overall metabolic health.

  8. Astagin (25mg): A potent antioxidant derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, astaxanthin combats oxidative stress, promoting recovery and enhancing endurance during workouts.

  9. BioPerine (10mg): Enhance the bioavailability of nutrients and maximize absorption with BioPerine, a patented black pepper extract that ensures you reap the full benefits of Nova Burn 2.0's powerful formula.

Unleash the power of Innovapharm Nova Burn 2.0 (Stim) to turbocharge your metabolism, shatter those stubborn fitness barriers, and reveal the chiseled body you've been dreaming of. Prepare to elevate your fat-burning game to new heights and redefine the limits of what you can achieve on your quest for a leaner, more sculpted physique.

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