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Illegal Nutrition Premium PUMP 228g


Elite Supplements Presents Illegal Nutrition Premium Pump 228g!

Illegal Nutrition have created an advanced Stim-Free Pump Formula supported by research, technology & human trails. Want an amazing pre-workout without the stimulants? Look no further. Illegal Nutrition have come through with a great tasting stim-free pre-workout.

Dual Pathway Nitric Oxide Technology™ Stimulates every enzyme in the human body that is able to produce Nitric Oxide (NO) & increase cGMP.

This synergy maximises Vasodilation & Bloodflow leading to unprecedented Muscle Pumps, Endurance & Recovery.

Cutting-edge patented ingredients, all are scientifically proven on humans with the results to show:

FitNox: Boost in plant-based Nitric Oxide (NO) by 336% & Endurance by 18%.

S7: Clinically shown to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) by 230%

ViNitrox: Delays the fatigue barrier by 13%

EnXtra: Increases alertness by 119%

BioPerine: Found to enhance the absorption of nutrients by 30%

Amentopump: Amplifies muscular contraction & Nitric Oxide (NO) mediated vasodilation

Paradoxine: Activates thermogenesis & increases energy expenditure

The research and development in creating Dual Pathway Nitric Oxide Technology™ has been supported by Staffordshire University. Illegal Nutrition take pride in all of their products, so they want the best out of each ingredient.

Ultra-Fine Highly Concentrated powder contains:

No Stimulants

No Cancerous Nitrates

No Banned Ingredients

No Artificial Colours

No Added Sugars

No Clumps

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