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Ghost Multi-Vit Capsules


Elite Supplements Presents Ghost Multi-Vit 90 caps!

Ghost have created daily multi-vitamin capsules to go along with your every day life. Ghost Multi-Vits deliver all the essential stuff to help you meet your micronutrient targets every day. It is formulated with maximum absorption, this means you will get the most out of all the good stuff. With 21 highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals in one serving as well as the highly thought of advanced form of Vitamin-C 'PureWay-C™' teamed with a 200mg dose of Lutemax® 2020 aiding with eye-health. This is so important in our day and age when it is so common now for our screen time to take up half our day.

Ghost Multi-Vit has a full-disclosure label that offers up the dose of each active ingredient. No proprietary factory bought blends. Ghost have handpicked every single ingredient to ensure these multi-vits stand out to all the rest. With a busy lifestyle, making sure you get all of vitamins can be difficult, Ghost have created 1 vitamin to solve all problems. So easy and the tub size is so convenient, they can be thrown in any gym bag. There is no reason to not give them a try and better your health in the process.


Premium ingredients - 21 highly bioavailable Vitamins & Minerals

* Convenient size tub, 30 day supply

* Full Disclosure Label

* Gluten and Vegan Free


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