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Conteh Hydra Flow Duo


Elite Supplements Presents Conteh Sports Hydra Flow Duo Pack!

Pack includes

Ensure maximum hydration with the Conteh Sports Hydra Flow Duo Pack from Elite Supps UK! This twin pack is perfect for ensuring you never run out of the ultimate hydration solution. Conteh Sports Hydra Flow works by efficiently replacing lost electrolytes during intense workouts, thanks to its patented Cocomineral – an instantized coconut water powdered extract packed with essential sodium and potassium.

Designed to revitalize your body, Hydra Flow is low in fat and high in carbs, making it an excellent choice for replenishing glycogen stores post-workout. Essential for athletes and bodybuilders, this hydration powerhouse provides extra vitamins and crucial hydration to keep you performing at your best.

With the Hydra Flow Duo Pack, you’ll always be ready to stay hydrated and tackle your next workout!

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