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Chemical Warfare The Bomb 360g


Elite Supps Presents Chemical Warfare The Bomb 360g!

The Bomb Pre Workout is an energy-boosting pre/pump product that highlights a potent nootropic blend for enhanced focus and energy.

To maximize pump and performance, we have increased the Cit malate to 7g and Beta alanine to 3.5g in comparison to the previous formula. Additionally, we have introduced Betaine and a new clinically tested ingredient called S7® (at 100mg!)

In terms of stimulants, we have incorporated Juniper Berry, a higher dose of caffeine, and an additional non-crash form of caffeine called Infinergy®, alongside the existing Teacrine®.

For enhanced nootropic effects, we have significantly increased the dosages of N Acetyl L Tyrosine (500mg), Theobromine, and Huperzine A.

Adding to the absorption and amplification panel, we have included Narinjin, which complements Bioperine® and Astragin.

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