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Applied Nutrition Berberine 1000mg with Astragin


Elite Supps Presents Applied Nutrition Berberine 1000mg with Astragin 60 Caps!

30-day supply containing 60 capsules. Each serving consists of 2 capsules.

What is Berberine? For centuries, Berberine has been utilized for its numerous health benefits, particularly for the heart. This natural extract has shown positive effects on blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight loss, and heart health.

Blood Sugar levels - Early studies have indicated that the alkaloids found in Berberine can enhance insulin resistance and alter glucose utilization in cells. To achieve maximum effects, it is important to combine Berberine consumption with a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.

Weight loss - Research has demonstrated that taking Berberine for three months can lead to significant weight loss in individuals with a BMI over 30. Berberine may contribute to weight loss by controlling insulin and inhibiting the growth of fat cells at a molecular level.

Healthier Heart - Approximately 32% of global deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Studies have revealed that individuals who took Berberine for eight weeks experienced improved heart function and exercise capacity compared to those who took a placebo. Additionally, combining Berberine with standard medications for heart failure may improve heart function and quality of life.

Applied Nutrition Berberine provides a concentrated dose of high-strength Berberine to maximize its benefits:

A daily dose of 1000mg ensures maximum strength and health benefits. Berberine derived from natural plant sources. The highest strength Berberine available in the UK.

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