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Strom - KarboMax - Carbohydrate Formula - (1.5kg) - (Various Flavours)


What is Strom Sports Nutrition KarboMAX?
KarboMAX is Strom's answer to intra workout supplementation. It offers its users a source of carbohydrates to keep athletes muscle glycogen levels high enough to be able to perform at their best. This in conjuction with the added citrulline malate and Glycerol means all this essential fuel will get pumped into your muscles making them full.
Why should you buy this intra-workout?
The main ingredient in this supplement is Karbolyn a patented form of carbohydrate.
What is Karbolyn?
Karbolyn represents the dawn of a new era of carbohydrate supplementation. Derived from potato, rice and corn this fast-acting long-lasting, high-performance compound offers the best of both simple and complex carbs.

Simple carbohydrates have the ability to enter the bloodstream quickly. However, they can also stimulate a strong spike and subsequent crash due to the rapid rise and fall of insulin levels. This may be good for a quick burst of energy but not for sustained endurance.

Complex carbohydrates do provide sustained endurance, but they are slow to digest and can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic.

Karbolyn delivers the best of both worlds.

Karbolyn is absorbed into the bloodstream like a simple carb but without the typical crash caused when your muscles run out of fuel. It has also been shown to be absorbed as quickly as pure dextrose (a simple carb). Yet, it still provides sustained energy without crashing.

Along with this, it has the added pump agents citrulline malate and Glycerol which will help shuttle the carbs/glycogen to the muscles giving them the fuel to perform your desired exercise.

What are the main benefits of Strom's carbohydrate supplement?
  • Full open label
  • Highly dosed
  • Patented ingredients used

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Lime Citrus, Mango, Raw, Cotton Candy