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Pumped Sports – Loaded – Stim Pre Workout – (400g – 40 Servings) – (Various Flavours)



Pumped Sports Loaded’d impressive, clinically dosed formula, ticks all the right boxes for the top shelf pre-workout. Providing Skin-splitting pumps, tunnel vision focus and an intense energy that cannot be rivalled. Best of all, you do not suffer the dreaded crash that most people inevitably suffer post workout! Order yours today, here at EliteSuppsUK.

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Pineapple Mango, Sour Green Apple

Nutritional Info

Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Scoop (log)

L-Citrulline – 3000mg
Beta Alanine – 1600mg
Betaine Anhydrous – 1000mg
Taurine – 1000mg
Glycerpump – 1000mg
Choline Bitartrate – 400mg
Caffeine Anhydrous – 135mg
L-Norvaline – 100mg
Theobromine – 50mg
Hordenine. – 25mg
DiCaffeine Malate – 25mg
N-Methyl Tyramine – 25mg
Huperzine-A – 50mcg


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